Nesango turned into feature film

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Nesango turned into feature film Shots from Nesango's animated version



Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

VETERAN musician and freedom fighter Clive Malunga has done it again.

The 60-year-old arts practitioner and historian’s 1997 video to the catchy song “Nesango” has been adopted into a feature film.

Clive Malunga

And almost 24 years after its release, the video continues to touch hearts of many since it chronicles his experiences in the liberation struggle.

As a precursor to the premiere of the feature film, Malunga said, an animation movie of “Nesango” will first hit the big and small screens to whet film enthusiasts’ appetite.

In an interview with H-Metro, the Jenaguru Arts Centre boss said could not hide his elation after his concept was endorsed by the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services.

“Nesango Film is a Joint Operations Command (JOC) comprising the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services and the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services who auditioned us.


“I first released the video in 1997 and managed to convert it into a liberation war film to exposes the brutality of the Rhodesian Forces and the works of the sellouts who betrayed the comrades fighting for our liberation.

“It’s a good feeling teaching the young generation about our liberation struggle and where Zimbabwe came from.


“In life, history is always important since it define our future and educates future generations on the path that we have travelled,” he said.


Besides his achievements, Malunga was humbled by the impact the video “Nesango” has done.


“Like I indicated earlier on, this is a privileged to be selected among hordes of film-makers who are also determined to participate in liberation war films.


“Being entrusted with all the arms, access to military personnel and law enforcement agents means we are actually doing something worth mentioning and I am just glad.


“At the moment, we are busy shooting the movie in line with the Covid-19 regulations so that we are not caught on the wrong side of the law.


“Everything is now in place but we are working on the timing for its premiere which should be relevant.


“People we consulted wanted the feature film to be screened ahead of the 41st Independence but we will be guided by the authorities and see when to screen the movie,” he said.


Malunga said liberation war movies were still relevant in contemporary societies as some of the social ills are still relevant.


“If you look at issues to do with brutalities, sellouts  and ill-treatment, we still experience them 41 years after independence.


“There are even some people who are calling for Zimbabwe to be given back to the Rhodesians which is unfortunate.


“As a nation, there are things that we can solve on our own to fulfill the wishes of those who fought for our struggle,” he added.


Malunga is a freedom fighter who crossed to Mozambique in the late 70s where he received military training.


After independence, he served in the army with a high post but quit to pursue music.


Malunga is famed for the once popular Jenaguru Music Festival which used to attract hordes of fans from across the drive.


He has also toured Japan, Taiwan and South Korea on cultural exchange programmes where he has been credited for putting Zimbabwe on the world map.


Music wise, he is still producing both seasoned and upcoming artistes.





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