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10 October 2017

Mighty Warriors star Rudo Neshamba is off the market and chances are she may never kick the ball again.

Pictures posted on social media by one of the close relatives show the beautiful Neshamba with a baby bump and close friends have confirmed the developments.

And she also posted a marriage status on her Facebook account, just days after a traditional marriage ceremony.

The player could not however reveal full details when contacted by H-Metro yesterday, insisting she wanted privacy and a life away from the media.

“I’m sorry I can’t say anything on that,” she said.

However, according to sources, there was a traditional marriage ceremony at her family place over the weekend.

In the pictures posted, the baby bump is now pronounced and those close to her say she is now focused on a new direction – away from football as it were.

“The ceremony happened at their family house and it is official she is now married. Yes, she was already carrying the pregnancy and the most important thing for now is that the ceremony was conducted to make it official,” said the source who could not however reveal the father.

Neshamba, a former Mighty Warriors captain, was arguably one of the best players for the Mighty Warriors over the past years.

She did not however use her full potential as a result of a nagging knee injury, which even affected her at the Rio Olympics.

In January, she received surgery on that same knee, but never came back into the fray.

Indications from those close, however, said that was the final nail on her football career.

And now the talented footballer wants to stay away from the media and concentrate on her new life as a mother.

In one of the photos posted on facebook, Neshamba appears with her mother and sister wearing white T-shirts and traditional attire fashionable at lobola ceremonies these days. The T-shirt easily gave away the baby bump.

In the past months, Neshamba has been posting videos and pictures on her WhatsApp status with her presumed fiancé (name supplied). It could not be verified if he is the lucky man.

On her recent WhatsApp status she indicated “becoming Mrs M.”

Close friends that responded to her facebook status were simply congratulating her on a page she has not been frequently posting of late. By around 5pm yesterday, she had removed the status.

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