‘Netball helped cool my temper’

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‘Netball helped cool my temper’ Prisca Chinyama


28 January 2019

Prisca Chinyama

ZDF Queens player Prisca Chinyama said netball taught her to control her anger and to be more patient with her teammates.

In an interview with H-Metro, the former ZDF captain said she used to get angry very easily.

“I don’t know what the real problem with me was, I always found myself angry even over simple things.

“I however prayed about it and also the experience that I have been getting in netball has also helped me in a big way.

‘Right now I really understand that netball is a sport and after all we have a life out of the court.

“Mixing with other players and getting to know each other also helped me.

Chinyama has been in the netball courts for over seven years now and being one of the youngest player at ZDF at 22, she shared her journey in netball.

“I started playing netball in 2012 in a Division two club and later on moved to the Super League while playing for ZDF.

“I was also playing for Harare district in the youth games. In 2016 I participated at the under 19 World Cup qualifiers as well as the world cup competition which was held in 2017 in Botswana.”

“I got injured last year and I’m still healing. I don’t know if I will be fit to play this year although now I’m training.

“Last year I was named player of the match more than twice and it really motivated me to push harder.

“This year I hope I will do more than what I did last year despite having this injury.”

The 22-year-old is hoping that one day she will play in the senior national netball team.

“My dream is to one day play for the Gems. I will work hard until I get there.

Asked if her height is a challenge, Chinyama said:

“I’m okay with my height. There are a lot of good players of the same height who still play good netball.

“I will use it to my advantage,” she said.





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