Netball star preaches gospel of hard work

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Netball star preaches gospel of hard work Sonia Chari


Shelly Guni

GLOW Petroleum Queens player, Sonia Chari, says talent alone is not enough for one to be successful.

The 27-year-old player, who started her netball career in 2013, has risen through the ranks with her recent achievement being the 2021 Rainbow Netball League title.

“If you have talent but don’t work hard, you won’t win anything,” she told H-Metro.

“It’s hard work which achieves success. Leaving home for three to four days to be with the team is difficult, but it’s good.

“When I understood that I had the potential to be a professional player, that was when everything changed.

“Now, I work hard for my team and myself because at the end of the day, I need to compete with myself as well as improve.”

She said even when the hard work doesn’t appear to be paying off, it should not discourage the athletes.

“Sometimes hard work may not always pay off in the way you want it to.

“However, I would say that it does always give you the knowledge that you did everything you could.

“You will have that satisfaction, and confidence in yourself, you will know you can give something 100 percent.

“Showing yourself that you have what it takes to dedicate yourself to a goal is a pay-off that will follow you everywhere,” she said.

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