NetOne in clean-up campaign

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NetOne in clean-up campaign


5 November 2018

MOBILE phones network service provider NetOne, in partnership with Environmental Management Authority, recently cleaned the city in what they called prevention mode for any potential disease outbreaks.

Brian Mutandiro, NetOne’s Chief Commercial Officer recently said from the previous clean-up campaign in Budiriro, cholera has since been wiped out and now they are in the prevention mode.

He said this at a clean-up campaign held in the Harare Central Business District (CBD) area where members of the organization partnered with the city council and EMA to clean up the CBD.

“We are now in the CBD with the campaign trying to make sure that cholera does not come back

Brian Mutandiro

“We are not only doing it in town but taking it to the other communities so that we join together with the community to take responsibility to fight these prevalence’s.

“From the one cent donations that we have been taking from every s.m.s we have managed to accumulate quite a significant amount of money that has been donated towards the cholera cause.

He went on to say that it is amazing how Zimbabweans have become responsible and helped towards the cholera fight.

“I’m very happy with the public’s response and we must not stop here we must keep going forward and make sure we keep the environment is very clean and not invite such unnecessary inconveniences.

“I am very much aware that there is a bigger picture to the fight against cholera, it’s not just litter, there is provision of safe water as well as other immunities that play a big part thus the local authorities should make sure that resources are available for that fight.

“As a network we will continue to look for other ways of acquitting this problem and we will also work with the authorities and find out how best we can help.

“This is just the beginning and it’s quite impressive how people have changed and become more aware and cautious in the way they carry out their businesses.

“We are going somewhere as a nation, it’s something we can do as long as we all focus on it.

Mutandiro also said that if one really puts their mind to do something they will definitely achieve results which has been the case with the network company.

“I’m very appreciative of the support we have got from our subscribers and I urge others to come and join in to this effective cause.

“You never know one day it might affect a family member or your own community thus we should all do something to help emulate this problem,’ said Mutandiro.






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