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‘NEVER GIVE UP’ Tinashe Mutarisi. . .then


H-Metro Reporter

THEY say a picture tells a thousand words.

That is quite true when one takes a glimpse at an old photograph of businessman Tinashe Mutarisi, which was taken at the turn of the millennium.

Especially, when one takes into account the strides he has made in business where he now runs a multi-million dollar entity. 

An enterprise which has seen him become one of the leading philanthropists in the country with interests in helping talented young people across all platforms.

He is one of the leading figures trying to help young artist, Andrea The Vocalist, take his promising career to another level.

A few weeks ago, the NASH Paints founder rewarded his long-serving employee, Gulaam “Boss Gully” Bhatti for his loyalty with a US$120 000 house.

The huge present was unveiled at the launch of NASH Paints’ new decorative manufacturing plant.  But, just 20 years ago, such dreams, and capacity, of donating a US$120 000 house, looked like a pipe dream.

This can be shown by the photograph, taken in 2001, in which Mutarisi can be sitting on the grave of a relative while playing his favourite Mbira.

Tinashe Mutarisi. . .now

That he was already into music is there for everyone to see but what is clear is that he didn’t have the financial muscle, which is now enabling him to make a difference, in his country.

The photograph, itself, carries a big lesson for millions of young Zimbabweans, who are struggling right now, and wondering if their dreams will ever come true.

“That’s the most powerful message from this image, no doubt about that,” said one social media commentator, who chose not to be named.

“It’s a direct message to the youths that today might appear like there will never be a breakthrough for them but things can change dramatically tomorrow.

“If you really ask me, the enduring message from this is very simple – NEVER GIVE UP! 

There is a misconception that one cannot make it here in Zimbabwe because the environment is not suited for such success by the young and ambitious people who dream about becoming successful businessmen tomorrow.

“But, this guy’s story tells us that it can be done and this striking image shows that one can, indeed, rise from the very bottom to make it to the very top.”

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