Latwell Nyangu

THE Zimbabwe Spirit Mediums and Prophet Angels Association (ZSMPAA) is urging unregistered spirit mediums, prophets and midwives to register with the organisation.

The association seeks to restore cultural values and protect ancestral sites across the country, providing spiritual ceremonies and rituals to assist those with diseases.

ZSMPAA secretary general, Nyasha Mashomashoma, said the association incorporates faith healers, pastors, and herbalists, among others.

Mashomashoma said they have “no limit” on who can register, but urged those who sell herbs and operate without licences to do so to protect themselves.

“This is a newly-registered association,” said Mashomashoma. 

“This initiative seeks to restore respect and bring back cultural values of ancestral sites across the nation of Zimbabwe to facilitate a unification of all Zimbabwe spirits which have been left hovering since the Second Chimurenga.

“It is guided by the principles of the Government and its mandate is to place Zimbabwean culture and heritage back to its original and founding roots.

“The association further wants to create a better socio-economic-cultural Zimbabwe in which all Zimbabweans benefit from the culture of our great nation.

“We want to ensure that by the end of 2024, the association has reached all corners of Zimbabwe,” she said.

She said they intend to promote and foster research into herbal medicine.

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