New entry requirements for nurses

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New entry requirements for nurses Dr Gerald Gwinji


19 October 2018

Dr Gerald Gwinji

Talent Gore

Permanent Secretary of Health and Child Care, Major Gerald Gwinji, said there is need to change the entry requirements for nursing because it is a specialized profession.

“Nursing is a very difficult and demanding career choice, punctuated with long hours, weekend and holiday work.

“Most importantly, there is the need to provide hands on care to people at their vulnerable times in life, so as a Ministry we decided to adjust the entry requirements so that not everyone will be eligible to apply for nursing,” said Gwinji.

He also said Government had restricted the age of applicants.

“The Government also restricted the course to those between the ages of 18 and 30, so that we create a working environment with a lot of young and energetic people,” he said.

The Ministry of Health and Child care issued a statement about the revision of the entry requirements for the nursing programme.

The statement stated that prospective nurses must have passed English Language, Mathematics, a Science subject.

“Applicants must have 5 ‘0’ Levels passes in one sitting with grade C or better. The subjects should include English Language, Mathematics and a Science subject.

“The subjects exclude practical subjects such as Woodwork, Building, Metal Work, Art, Fashion and Fabrics,” read the statement.



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