New innovative service expected to ease transport woes

H-Metro Reporter

RIDA, an innovative taxi service, recently launched its services in Harare, a development expected to bring competition to the capital’s transportation landscape.

The service allows parties to directly negotiate and mutually agree on fares to offer flexible pricing.

And unlike traditional ride-hailing platforms that have inconsistent fees for passengers and hefty commissions for drivers, the Rida application offers a flexible alternative.

To join the Rida revolution, one has to download the Rida application from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Rida city manager Tawanda Nyagwaya said they are confident that the platform will bring the needed change and flexibility onto the market.

 “We are delighted that we are now in Harare. This comes as an opportunity for us to bring safe and reliable ride-hailing products to the market.

Our platform is more than just a ride-hailing application,” said Nyagwaya.

He described the new platform as a game changer.

“This is a game changer, coming with convenience, safety, and the power to set or negotiate their own fares directly with our drivers.

“Since the ride is paid by the passenger directly to the driver, compensation is made on the spot, in full. and enjoy the convenience, safety, and financial freedom it affords.

“Passengers are offered multiple offers from drivers, choosing the one that better fits their expectations or declining all rides.

“Rida also encourages its passengers to set a realistic price based on Rida’s pre-approved minimum rates. Those are based on a range of factors including statistics, day of the week, time of the day, traffic conditions and official pricing of local ride-hailing services.”

Nyagwaya said on average, passengers will be able to save up to 30 percent on their trips when compared to other platforms.

“Rida does not compromise passenger safety in its bid to provide a more flexible and affordable ride-hailing option. Its impressive suite of in-app safety features that ensures that riders feel safe while traveling include real-time ride tracking, easy access emergency contacts, and an SOS button.

“Drivers have the freedom to set fees, screen nearby rides and preview routes, and accept only their preferred trip requests. As such, they are given back the power over their time and compensation, without the fear of being penalized.”

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