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THE introduction of FlySafair’s low-cost flights to Zimbabwe is seen as a positive step towards increasing tourism and trade between South Africa and her neighbour.

With prices starting at US$53 for the Johannesburg to Harare route and US$74 for the Johannesburg to Victoria Falls route, FlySafair’s competitive pricing is expected to drive down airfares and make travel more accessible for travellers.

The move is also likely to encourage more tourists to visit Zimbabwe, particularly from South Africa.

It remains to be seen how other airlines will respond to this development and whether they will lower their prices to remain competitive.

In any case, FlySafair’s entry into the Zimbabwean market is welcome news for travellers looking for affordable air travel options.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) granted FlySafair and CemAir, another South African low-cost carrier, licences to begin flying passenger and cargo flights to Harare and Victoria Falls.

FlySafair said the Johannesburg to Harare flight route would commence on October 2, while the Johannesburg to Victoria Falls route would start the next day.

“The first batch of new routes will be launched on October 2 and are between Johannesburg and Harare and Johannesburg and Livingstone. The Harare flights will operate daily with prices starting at R1 000 (US$53),” FlySafair said.

“Flights between Johannesburg and Livingstone are scheduled four times weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with tickets starting at R2 000 (US$105).

“The next batch of routes will take off on October 3 and 5.”

FlySafair said the Johannesburg to Victoria Falls will operate three times a week with tickets starting at R1 400 (US$74), and Johannesburg to Maputo, which will operate four times a week with tickets starting from R1 400.

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