Bruce Chikuni

Sports Reporter

NGEZI Platinum Stars’ gaffer, Takesure Chiragwi, is  receiving rave reviews as his club inch closer to their debut title in the Castle Lager Premiership.

But, nothing has been said about the impact of the team’s performance analyst, Tonderai Vera.

Vera began his union with Ngezi Platinum last season when they finished fourth on the table.

But, after reaching a deeper level of understanding with the players and Chiragwi, the team has suddenly become a beast.

Vera started as a teacher before relocating to the United States of America where he worked as a video coder for five years.

He also won five consecutive championships in college football in Massachusetts.

He hailed Chiragwi for giving him a soft landing at the club.

Vera conceded that it was difficult to switch lanes and acknowledged that his experience in the United States shaped his career.

“At first, it was not easy for me and my family when this new idea came up, but the drive behind this decision kept me going.

“I did an attachment with many teams in the United States and it gave me experience.

“Chiragwi gave me everything I asked for, including his trust.

“He equipped me with many things of which I was not aware, and he is very flexible to discuss matters outside working hours,” said Vera.

Vera is also working on attaining his coaching diploma.

He told Zimpapers Sport that this diploma will boost his tactical awareness.

“The players have developed some positive characteristics towards achieving optimised performance that has a great impact on results.

“I’m furthering my knowledge of the game not because I have a dream to become a coach, but it will help me to share the same understanding with the coaches and players,” he said.

He added:

“I want to equip myself and be able to fit into any football team. I want to help develop players who will be competitive and able to change our national team into one of the best in the continent.

“I also want to have a positive impact on upcoming performance analysts.”

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