Nhira thrills fans

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Nhira thrills fans


Takawira Photovet Dapi

US-BASED crooner Brian Nhira thrilled fans at Alliance France over the weekend with a polished performance set to remain engraved in the minds of many for a while.

Dubbed One More Night & Friends Charity, Brian was accompanied by his wife, who complemented him at the show.

Nhira brought the house down when he performed the song Would You Still Love Me.

He also explained what prompted him to compose the song.

He went on to pay the traditional folk song Tauya naye Murora.

“I was resting at an airport in Dalas and I was getting ready to meet my girlfriend in Michigan.

“As I was sitting there, there was a lady who could not do anything by herself in a wheelchair.

“Later I saw an old man approaching her, sat by her side, wiped her face, and with my crazy mind, I realised that was her husband.

“But in a moment, I had a crazy thought, I was already going to experience with mine at the age of 25, full of life, making a commitment as a beautiful bride, and they are going to love each other… At one point that 80-year-old couple was 25, full of life, committed so much to each other.

“Something happened along the line, so that is how ‘Would You Still Love Me’ was written,” he said.

Nhira and his wife could not hide their affection as their set was also romantic and at one stage she tightened her husband’s shoelaces during his performance.

Nhira’s friends, Rangarirai Robson, Pash Pashapa, Taps Mugadzi and Tamy also performed at the event.

Taps urged artistes to unite and work hard.

“African Artistes must put much effort in avoiding confronting the politician but keep on bravely singing about the bad effects of bad ideologies to human life,” he said.

Nhira was charging US$S5 per head and all the proceeds shall be channeled to charity.


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