Nikki a year older, wiser

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Nikki a year older, wiser


8 August 2018

A year older, wiser today!

Popular Star FM Breakfast Club presenter, Nikki, celebrates her birthday today.

She says her journey of life has found more purpose and meaning as she grows older.

The year has been a rollercoaster so far for the presenter that has won hearts of children on her breakfast show.

This year has seen her grab a NAMA gong and is currently pursuing her gender development studies that she has described as an eye opener.

“These are exciting times for me, winning at the NAMAS earlier this year and the desire I have grown to work with women and to want to make a difference in the community have made me a better being.

“The studies have really opened my eyes and with that and growing up I have realised that there is more to life than other things the world has taught us.

“I realise as I get older more older I am more happy with my life and more spiritually inclined.

“There is more to life than material acquisition and when you go beyond your purpose you achieve more, learn more and give more.

“If one holds onto myths of negativity and don’t find light to hold on one might never find their purpose in life.

“The future belongs to people that know their purpose,” she said.

Nikki who is blessed with a daughter Kudiwa said waking up to talk to the nation and children on her show is one of her biggest blessings.

A lot of children participate on the show and this has made her a children’s favourite and one of the popular presenters with children.

“It’s a blessing to wake up and talk to the nation and have time with the kids.

“I just want to let all the kids know that I love them so much and they make my mornings brighter and exciting,” she added.

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