Arron Nyamayaro

A NINE-YEAR-OLD child celebrated her ninth birthday on Sunday with people living with disabilities.

Kayla Guyo was at Tose Respite Home Centre where she celebrated her ninth birthday and donated some duvets, a box of cooking oil, pampers and cup cakes.

Kayla was led to the centre by her aunt Lineti Mutirori, 45, and two other March babies — Tannia Karambakuwa, 32, and Faith Matimba, 30.

“We share the same birthday with Kayla and this time I led her to Tose so as to answer some of her questions,” said Lineti.

“She took her time with them.

“These are some of the people in real need of help and we feel blessed to spend time with them and giving them what we can afford.” 

Home director, Stelia Chikaka, said:

“We thank you very much Kayla, you have shown maturity and responsibility.

“Thank you, to all the babies born in March, who accompanied her, we really appreciate your donation.”

The Centre provides a service for learning to people with disabilities.

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