‘No bad blood with my brothers’

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‘No bad blood with my brothers’



Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

MINISTER Michael Mahendere says his new single Ndovimba Nemi is an anthem to encourage people to trust in the Lord as the world battles to contain Covid-19.

The award-winning Makanaka Jesu hitmaker also said he has no bad blood with his brothers.

He made the revelations during the launch of the song off his forthcoming album Secret Place set for release end of April.

The video to the song will be released on March 27.

God has done this, I am who I am today because of God, nothing, no one takes his grace.

“We appreciate God who has given us this mandate and made us stewards of this great assignment of feeling the world with the gospel through this inspired music,

“It took a lot for us to be who we are and I also extend special mention to my mentors, Prophet Emmanuel and wife Makandiwa.

Minister Michael Mahendere (left)

“It was by divine that I release Ndovimba nemi first and it was a request by Prophet.

“We are giving you something that has been birthed through experiences,” he said.


Minister Mahendere said God will win the battle for the people.

“We started singing this song at some of the shows and we didn’t know it will get to people like that.

“It was set for a season like this where the educated are failing, confronted by something where God take charge.

“We need to trust in God who doesn’t have the record of failure.

“He will win with battle for us, we have to tell God that we trust him as we fight this pandemic called Corona virus.”


Mahendere also traced his life back when he used to be an instrumentalist to some of the musicians.

“I have never been in a club, the only time that I went into in a club is when I was playing drums, do you know I played for Andy Brown, Dino Mudondo, Willom Tight and I was always putting on a cap to cover my face.

“One day I also played for the late Great Oliver Mtukudzi,” he added.

The singer says Ndinovimba Nemi was inspired by the experience he was going through.

“The day I went into the studio, I was going through an experience which was not god for me.

“We went through a lot of struggles and that’s where I learn some of the principles which I am now using.

“God at times allows you to go through a situation which is even difficult for you, some of the problems are people’s problems.

“It was not a good season for me, things were not so well, I was low, down and I prayed, fasted so that I act spiritually before I went into the studio.

“That’s how we have recorded the song,” added Minister Mahendere.


Minister Mahendere said the Mahendere Brothers’ legacy lives on.

“I don’t how people interpret things but when it comes to Mahendere Brothers we are buddies.

“I think Mahendere Brothers’ vision was upon Amos’ shoulder by then where we were very young and he is the one who had that vision.

“We were growing and It served its purpose, ivo ndivo vakatanga Kuroora isu tichikurawo, and we discovered that life was now demanding more than what we used to know, have and do.

“We used to stay at the same house and we could just practice whenever we want.

“When Amos got married, Akim followed then Misheck, they moved out and I got married last in which I also moved,” he said.


Added Mahendere:

“So we did something together and we realised that life is demanding, Misheck is now based in SA, but we are still brothers, buddies.

“The hit song Makomborero, is a collaboration between me and Amos.

“I can call him any time, he can do likewise and work together.

“I can say Mahendere Brothers legacy still lives on.

“Right now maybe it’s running with me and in the future our sons are going to run with it.

“There is no bad blood between me and him, hatina kumbotukana, kurovana just that   life is demanding commitment to other things.”


He said piracy has negative and positive side.

“At some point I suggested that after recording I give the music to the pirates and say give it to the people.

“We are looking forward to talk to shops for our distribution and we also need to maximize online.”


Minister Mahendere weighed on collaborations.

“Collaborations are very important but you have to check on who you are working with.

“On the Secret Place we have collaboration with Harmony Singers.

“The time will come, I don’t have any issues with that but I have an issue when I spoke to some of these guys when they say I have to sing what they sing but I told them to sing gospel.

“We are still talking about it but eventually something will happen but there are lot things to consider because some of these people are not really careful about their own lives and reputation.

“We have been taught that a good name is to be chosen than wealth.

“I can’t sacrifice my character and just be associated with someone who doesn’t care, there is more to it than just singing together.

“But we are the light of the world and singing with them doesn’t mean we are converted and we are the salt of the world.”


Apart from being a seasoned vocalist, Minister Mahendere is also a keen businessman, songwriter, producer, vocal trainer, music director who is conversant with a host of instruments, guitars, drums and the keyboard.

He has won various awards including the Permican, Zimbabwe Achievers Awards and Ingoma Awards.

He is also synonymous for his hit tracks such as Makanaka Jesu, Tawanirwe Nyasha, Mweya Mutsvene and Salt of the Earth.

The project was sponsored by sponsors who include Kusi Chemicals, Pipeline among others.


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