No chairs in food outlets

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No chairs in food outlets


Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

In a bid to fight the novel Covid-19 pandemic popular food outlets yesterday adopted social distancing measures around the country.

A number of restaurants went to great lengths by removing seats ensuring safety of their employees as well as that of their patrons.

Patrons who usually throng outlets such as Chicken Inn and Bakers Inn met modified operations that shifted to take-away model only.

However, a few outlets like Kelly’s Chicken opted to stagger their seats between diners but taking time to sanitize their space.

As of yesterday, no local food outlet had shown signs to close but they opted to carry on by continuously cleaning and disinfecting their working space.

In addition to removing shared tables and utensils, food outlets have also moved to minimize frequency and number of patrons in their restaurants.

However, the model has been adopted worldwide with bars and cafes announcing temporal closure to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Last week, President Mnangagwa called for social distancing and for businesses and government premises to adopt preventive measures to avert the crisis.

The country is currently facing a demand in hand sanitisers after manufacturers hyped prices recently due to the demand.

                                                World Experience

As the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, most countries have targeted food outlets and restricted them to run takeaway and home-delivery services only.

For instance, most restaurants in the UK stopped in store eating last week and in Australia the measures took effect yesterday afternoon.

In the United States, President Donald Trump spoke to more than a dozen fast food restaurant executives, who promised to help combat the COVID-19 outbreak by dissuading customers from in-store dining.

Popular chain, McDonald’s closed the seating and play areas for all U.S. restaurants starting March 17. The company declared that it would be focusing on “serving customers through drive-thru, walk-in takeout, and McDelivery.”

Still in the United States, MOD Pizza stores eliminated in-store dining and moving to takeout, pickup, and delivery only from March 17. Customers can still get into the store to order, but they will need to take the food and exit the location once it is prepared.





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