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PARIRENYATWA Group of Hospitals has dismissed allegations of Covid-19 bodies lying all over the hospital.

This follows claims by different social media articles about the hospital’s Covid-19 Centre.


In a statement, the hospital said they had never had a scenario where dead bodies were found everywhere within the hospital.


“This is a clear exaggeration of our situation. Our patients and visitors can bear testimony to this. “We have also taken note of an allegation that there was a patient who got infected while admitted at our hospital.


“It is known scientifically that a Covid-19 PCR Test has a sensitivity level that depends on a number of factors, chief of which is timing of the test in relation to exposure.


“Blaming the hospital for transmitting Covid-19 to a patient without evidence is dangerous and deceitful especially considering not only the high community transmission levels but implications of such unsubstantiated statements on our patients, staff and the general public,” reads part of the statement.


The hospital said they were doing everything possible to cope with the overwhelming numbers of Covid-19 patients who were coming to the hospital.


“It is quite apparent that the second wave has brought about a number of challenges with it like higher demand for PPE, equipment and staff.


“The hospital and Government through our parent Ministry of Health and Child Care, Health Service Board and Treasury are working flat out in addressing all the challenges.


“We want to assure the public and all our stakeholders that we are doing everything within our capacity to take care of our Covid-19 patients.


“We are however concerned about falsehoods and exaggerations that are meant to cause unnecessary public despondency and tarnish our image.”

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