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3 June 2016

IT shocked many Zimbabweans that a man as outspoken as Acie Lumumba would do something as gross as producing a pornographic video of himself having sex.

With the way the country’s laws are so clear regarding pornography, one would least expect a literate Zimbabwean, who draws so much attention to himself, to stoop so low.

But it is Lumumba’s response to news of his sex tape that is even more alarming.

After alleging that he “was detained by the Police and (his) house was illegally searched without a warrant” Lumumba goes on to justify and politicize his own manufacture of a sex tape.

While he held the phone that was recording the pornography with his own hand and even ordered his partner to open her eyes for the camera, he blames a political party for coming after him trying to silence him – as if some politician was holding a gun to his head forcing him to engage in the illegal act of producing pornographic material.

He goes on to say he “has nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for” as “single young men and single young women naturally have sex. That is what we do. It is God’s way.”

Lumumba must have his own God who allows sex before marriage and who considers it NATURAL for SINGLE people to engage in sex and record the acts!

Only last week this column was again on the subject of sex in an article headlined “Respect sex” and that was not the first time.

Lumumba should have read and paid heed. And after something so filthy and immoral leaks to the public, the least one can say is sorry – to all the Zimbabweans who have been exposed to his dirt.

To have the audacity to state that he has nothing to be ashamed of is to show complete disregard for not just the law, but the values and norms of Zimbabwean people.

He goes on to claim that his followers will increase because of the sex tape and one wonders what his new “followers” will be following him for after his latest production of a sex tape.

It is clear there is no remorse on Lumumba’s part but whoever is reading this please learn from this momentous blunder by Acie Lumumba as life is too short to learn from your own mistakes.

It is wrong and potentially damaging to one’s reputation for life to produce pornographic material no matter your intentions to keep such material private.

Phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets can be lost or stolen and if they have harmful material, it can leak to the public. When that happens, whoever produced the video has only themselves to blame.

You made this bed Lumumba, please lie in it without trying to divert attention.

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