No more Flame Lily!

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No more Flame Lily!


17 February 2017


IT’S official!

Flame Lily’s road in the Northern Region Soccer League and anywhere else in the professional football set up has come to a sad ending as the team has been disbanded effectively.

This follows a directive from the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services management to have

Flame Lily and Ntabazinduna from the Southern Region to be disbanded.

The ZPCS wants to remain with only two teams, Whawha from Central Region Soccer League and Tenax from the Eastern Region, for the 2017 season.

Whawha is based in Gweru while Tenax has its home in Mutare. Therefore, all suitable players and coaches from Flame Lily and Ntabazinduna have to fit in at Whawha or Tenax.

On Wednesday afternoon, Flame Lily secretary general Alfred Machingauta confirmed his club’s folding highlighting that most playing and coaching personnel left for either Whawha or Tenax.

“The team has been disbanded, that’s the directive we have. Some guys will go to Whawha and some to Tenax; those who are still able to play. Some guys are likely to go on Thursday.”

Flame Lily head coach Arthur Gorejena will join the Tenax technical department although his job description is yet to be established.

“The coaches will also join the other teams. Gorejena is likely to go to Mutare but others I am yet to find out,” Machingauta added.

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