‘No more privacy in my bedroom’

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‘No more privacy in my bedroom’


5 September 2018

Delight Kabiseni

A HARARE woman is at odds with her husband who does not respect her privacy.

Rapiro Chiso has since applied for a protection order against her husband Mariko Chiso who is violent.

“There is no more privacy in my matrimonial home since he opens the window and curtains whilst I am dressing or sleeping

“He is verbally abusive.

“He broke the window panes in our son’s bedroom,” she said.

Rapiro told the Harare Civil Court that her husband takes away their furniture and locks up the tenants outside.

“He takes away our furniture without my consent.

“He locked the tenants outside the premises,” said Rapiro.

Mariko disputed the allegations.

“I’m not verbally or physically abusive.

“I’m not disposing of any matrimonial property,” he said.

Mariko told the civil court that he broke the window pane for some reasons.

“I surely broke the window panes.

“My son did not tell me that he got married so I broke the window panes for me to peep through to see who was in his company since he refused to open the door.

“This is the first time I’m seeing their marriage certificate,” said Mariko.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in Rapiro’s favour.

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