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‘NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW’ DCG Sibanda welcoming contingent from South Sudan


12 October 2018

POLICE shall not hesitate to bring to book people who violate the law, a senior cop has said.

Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga said this in his speech, read by Deputy Commissioner General Levi Sibanda at the Briefing and Debriefing of South Sudan, Abyei and Dafur contingents at Morris Depot yesterday.

“Our citizens have a role to play in the sustenance of a peaceful and prosperous nation.

“In ‘the Zimbabwe we want,’ people should respect and abide by the country’s laws.

“No one is above the law,” said DCG Sibanda.

A total of 15 police officers are expected to join their counterparts undertaking United Nations peacekeeping duties in South Sudan while nine are heading to Abyei.

“We gather once again, to welcome home a returning contingent of nine police officers who were away on a United Nations peacekeeping assignment in Darfur.

“Today we also bid farewell to two contingents, one departing for South Sudan and the other Abyei.

“Two weeks ago, we also gathered for a similar occasion to bid farewell to a contingent of eight officers who were leaving for Malawi to take part in SADC Standby Force Command Post Exercise code named UMODZI.

“As I speak, some of our senior officers are in Ethiopia attending an Africa Union Conference where they are deliberating on the role of the African Union Standby Force among other issues aimed at guaranteeing peace and security on the continent.”

He also said that all these efforts and many similar successfully undertaken before, point to the Zimbabwe republic Police’s commitment and unbending fortitude to be an integral player and contributor to regional, continental and global peace.

“Zimbabwe is a peace loving nation and our citizens enjoy their rights and freedoms without fear hence we also wish that our fellow brothers and sisters from war-torn countries live in peace and harmony.

DCG Sibanda welcoming contingent from South Sudan

“We have in the same connection been making efforts to strengthen our Formed Police Unit which I am confident that in due course will be discharging United Nations peacekeeping duties as well as related activities 7under the African Union Standby Force and SADC Standby Force.

“In the same breadth, I would also want to see an ‘all-female Formed Police Unit’ established soon,” he said.

The Commissioner General went on to categorically state that for the nation to achieve its goal of becoming an upper middle income economy by the year 2030, the Zimbabwe Republic Police is duty bound to deliver on their constitutional mandate.

“The restructuring of the organization is ongoing.

“I expect every police officer to put shoulder to the wheel.

“As police we are recognizant that we need to enhance the ease and cost of doing business.

“Policing should never be an impediment or albatross to socio-economic development of the country but rather a key enabler and driver of sustainable and prosperous socio-economic development,” he said.

He went on to urge the outgoing contingents to be disciplined all the time and also to shun behaviours that might bring the organization and country into disrepute.

“To the outgoing contingent, your colleagues that have gone before you have carved a unique name for the organization and country.

“I am confident that each and every one of you shall give your best.

“I say go ye therefore, rise and raise our flag much higher,” he concluded.

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