No protection from loan sharks

Gamuchirai Bhachi

A WOMAN’S attempt to have the Harare Civil Court protect her from loan sharks failed yesterday when her application was dismissed.

Miidzo Mangwayana had claimed that Gladys Dumba, and another woman, only known as Timinina, were harassing her by threatening to get her arrested.

Miidzo told the court she had borrowed US$360 from their cooperative and she was now failing to repay it because it had ballooned to US$1 700.

This is due to the huge interest rates charged by the loan sharks.

“We used to go to the same church and the two introduced me to their cooperative and they added a huge interest on the money I borrowed.

“I left the cooperative in April and I want them to give me time to look for the money.

“Gladys insulted me saying that I am a prostitute and Timinina told me that she will get me arrested,” said Miidzo.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira responded:

“Do you want the court to protect you from paying back money to loan sharks or you want us to help them reduce the interest rate?

“It was an illegal deal and we can’t give you time to look for the money.”

Gladys and Timinina said Miidzo was an untrustworthy woman.

“When she was supposed to return the money, she started making lame excuses and we are now not on talking terms,” said Gladys.

Timinina added:

“She came to my workplace many times saying that she doesn’t have money to pay back the loan and I told other members in the group,” Timinina said.

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