No public sympathy for widow

25 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views


Tanaka Mahanya
IT appears the court of public opinion has already made a decision when it comes to Gogo Plaxedes Mashasha.

Although she will spend the next two weeks in custody and undergo mental tests, it seems the public already has come to a conclusion about her.

Many people appear not happy that she arrived at Chitungwiza court carrying a bag which contained the nails of her son Grant.

Gogo Mashasha made headlines for staying with the body of her husband several days after he had passed away.

Her son, Grant (39), had also been living in the ceiling for 14 years.

l Below are some of our readers’ views:

I cannot believe what this woman did. One could never think a mother would do that to her child. If she does this to her own child, what about others?

Why didn’t she get assistance from church if she is a Christian? I hope she gets what she deserves for her actions. – Makaita.


Mbuya ava havana mwoyo shuwa, kubata upenyu hwemwana wako kuita kuhusunga. – Feli Chimwaya                                                  Chidhakwa.


Kana vachidaro mwana wavo kuzotiwevamwe? Wonders shall never end. – Vimbai Jumbe.


Mbuya iyo ikarohwa inotaura chokwadi, kurohwa chaiko hatidi vanhu vakadai 2022 inoyi. – Amanda Kaunda.


Mmmm, ko kumasowe kwaienda Gogo ava vanga vasingaone kuti Gogo ava vakatakura kurema? – Jumbe.

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