No sex in four years, husband tells court

Gamuchirai Bhachi

A HUSBAND claims his wife has been refusing to have sex with him for the last FOUR years.

Pardon Tavengwa Matika was responding to claims from his wife Regina that he assaults, insults her and even sent photos, showing the wounds she sustained in the brutal attacks, to her parents, he told the Harare Civil Court.

“Your Worship, you are aware that without sex there is no marriage.

“She moved to Gweru during the Covid-19 period to stay with our daughter, who is doing her tertiary level studies.

“Since 2019, she has refused to have sex with me.

“I can show you where she bites me when I try to forcefully sleep with her.”

Regina said:

“He calls me a b**** and accused me of having multiple boyfriends.”

“At one time I sustained injuries on the mouth.

“I did not report the matter to the police because at church we are told not to disclose our marital affairs to the public.

“He assaulted me, took pictures and sent them to my relatives.”

In his response, Pardon said:Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Regina the protection order.

“Do not take the law into your own hands, resolve your problems in a peaceful manner,” said the magistrate.

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