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9 November 2017

. . . musician cries at party

CHIMURENGA musician Sister Fox says she misses sex.

Fox bared up on her sexual life during her 40th birthday bash at a local night club recently.

“I am missing sexual intercourse since 2008 when my man went to United States.

“My first husband, Amos Supuni died in 2008, leaving me with two sons and a daughter as well as several properties,” she said.

She said in the same year, she fell in love with an American who enables her to make ends meet but she misses sex with her first husband.

“I got loved by an American boyfriend who just helps me to make my life comfortable but I miss sexual intercourse since my lovely husband passed away,” she said.

Mutoko, with a straight face, said,

Fox said she met her first husband when she was a backing vocalist with Changa Nyamatsatsi.

“I met my lovely late husband when I was a backing vocalist for Changa Nyamatsatsi’s band and the day I will never forget in my life is when my Amos Supuni passed on; my husband was food poisoned on his way to Mozambique after having food and drinks with his friends. He came back very ill, we were supposed to have gone together but I was pregnant,” she said.

Fox said she did not care what people say but she is content with what she is.

“They say a lot about my doing music but my late husband was caring.

“I do not know why people hate me. I do whatever I want at any time. But, seriously I miss sex,” she said.

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