No to sex with minors

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No to sex with minors


The story of a serial Zimbabwean paedophile who faces a lengthy prison spell in the United Kingdom after a jury found him guilty on 11 counts of sexual offenses against children is both sad and embarrassing.

The man was convicted of sickening crimes ranging from sexual assault and attempted rape to sexual activity with a child over 12-years.

Yes it will shame Zimbabwe as a country but it also shames humanity as a whole and men in particular.

The stories published by the media about people who are sexually abusing young girls and sometimes young boys are increasing with worrying intensity worldwide. Zimbabwe is no exception.

There is need to send a message to potential sex criminals about the seriousness of sexual offences and how they can ruin the victims’ lives.

We once published a story headlined, “Man jailed 3 years”, of a man who was caught red handed having sex in the toilet with his parents’ tenant’s 12-year-old daughter. That is just one of many similar offences and these offenders deserve to be jailed until they learn from their mistakes.

It is a good thing the justice system is now sending people to jail for having sex with minors – which used to be rightly referred to as “Statutory RAPE”.

It is rape when a grown man has sex with a 12-year-old defenceless girl. It is rape because there is no way a child can consent to do things as grave as having sex in a toilet.

There are many strange and unfortunate stories that are happening in our society and they keep occurring too rapidly to ignore. The fact that a lot of the victims are minors who are defenseless makes most of these sexual offenses evil. To leave all the adult women – many of whom are desperate for men and some of whom even prostitute for a living – and abuse helpless minors is to be the worst criminal.

It is good the justice system is sterner on these criminals. In the past, men who were found guilty of having sexual intercourse with minors were sentenced to community service or suspended jail sentences and they never got to spend a night in jail.

Many sick men probably saw how lenient the judgments were on statutory rapists that they have gone to abuse young girls ready to perform community service, if caught. It is a good thing something is now being done to put an end to statutory rape.

Members of the public must also help in reporting these crimes.

We need a society and a justice system that says no to sex with minors, consensual or not.

All men who do so must rot in jail.



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