Norton Teen laid to rest

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Norton Teen laid to rest The late Nokutenda Hwaramba


Arron Nyamayaro

Grade 7 Norton pupil, who died while giving birth in Bikita, was laid to rest in Mt Darwin yesterday.

The tragic case has touched the soul of the nation.

Nokutenda Hwaramba’s body was ferried from Bikita to Mt Darwin on Wednesday.

Nokutenda’s father, Bernard Hwaramba, told H-Metro that details related to the circumstances, which led to his 15-year-old daughter’s death, would be released later.

“We have laid Nokutenda to rest.

“We saw it best to lay her to rest early since we spent the night travelling.

“Details surrounding her death will be released later since we are still mourning her,” he said.

Norton residents  and Nokutenda’s classmates couldn’t pay their last respects because her body was not brought to Katanga suburb as initially planned.

Some Katanga residents had threatened to beat up Bernard, and his church members, for allegedly causing the death of Nokutenda.

Nokutenda died on Tuesday at an apostolic church shrine while giving birth.

She had been taken to the shrine for prayers by her father.

The family claim their spiritual beliefs do not allow them to seek medical help at hospitals.

Nokutenda’s mother, Loice, told H-Metro on Wednesday:

“Nokutenda was said to have been impregnated by one Aaron from our neighbourhood.

“She got sick and would just fall down as if possessed by evil spirits.

“Her father consulted prophets from his congregation and later took her to Bikita for more prayers.”

She added:

“He left Nokutenda in the hands of the intercessors and she died while giving birth at the shrine.

“The church doctrine did not allow us to take Nokutenda to a clinic, or hospital, to give birth or for any medical treatment.

“I failed to accompany them to Bikita because I was also due to deliver and I had a miscarriage at Norton General Hospital on the day Nokutenda passed away.”


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