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29 October 2018

. . . Mangwiro’s dig at Dynamos players

. . . condemns missile throwing

TRIANGLE coach Taurai Mangwiro has taken a dig at Dynamos players implying that they are not good enough to wear the blue and white jersey.

Mangwiro made the remarks after his side’s 2-1 win over DeMbare in the Chibuku Super Cup semi final in match that was marred with missile throwing.

Triangle scored both their goals within 13 minutes of the game through Kudzai Chigwida (sixth minute) and Nhamo Lameck (13th minute) while Dynamos scored through Marshall Machazane in the 44th minute.

And in a post-match press conference, Mangwiro said not more than two players in the current DeMbare squad will make the grade at Triangle.

Mangwiro also denounced DeMbare fans for missile throwing saying they should not fool themselves to think that their team is now good having managed three wins on the trot going into yesterday’s game.

“. . . this is the message that we have for Dynamos, it’s a reality check and people should not fool themselves to believe that suddenly they are a good team, the games that they have won, they have been winning in Harare (and) against Harare opposition. Today (yesterday) we were in there on the field of play and I knew we were technically better than them, we proved it to a very large extent,” said Mangwiro.

“To be honest with you the reality on the ground is this (Dynamos) team is driven more by the fans than the talent that it possesses, that’s the truth of the matter. It’s not an insult to my other colleagues (the coaches), you have seen the good work that they have done.

“But If I look at the players that Dynamos have in their pool and I want to incorporate them in my team at Triangle maybe one or two will make it to the starting team,” he said.

The former Dynamos son, however, said his comments are not intended to insult the Harare giants.

“. . . sorry perhaps some emotions end up getting the better of me but I don’t mean to insult the institution called Dynamos.

“This where we were born and bred, today (yesterday) as we work at Triangle we still have the blue blood in us that’s the truth of the matter but what I’m seeing is a circus,” he said.

The match was stopped for at least 12 minutes after the assistant referee Joseph Salani was hit by a missile from the terraces as Dynamos fans protested an offside decision.

Salani was stretchered off after he was injured on the angle and was replaced by the fourth official.

Mangwiro slammed the ugly scenes saying it is not good for the development of the game and fans should learn to accept any result.

“We started off on a very positive note and in 12 minutes we were already two up and it’s a kind of start that we wanted, to upset whatever they were going to throw at us.

“But it’s the disturbances that perhaps did not give a good picture for our football. I don’t think it’s what we need as a nation and some of the things that we can control let’s try as much as possible because in the end it chases away the sponsors because of ugly scenes.

“At some stage I felt it was no longer safe for my players to continue, the goal that we conceded, I did not see it because I was busy protesting that Lameck (Nhamo) is having missiles being thrown at him when he got injured. The next thing the goalkeeper is having missiles thrown at him and to make matters worse the assistant referee getting injured, sometimes we end up endangering the lives of many because of refusal to accept results,” he said.

Dynamos coach Lloyd Chigowe also condemned missile throwing by their fans saying apart from incurring costs for the team, it affected their game plan.

After pulling one back before the break, DeMbare came into the second half determined and Chigowe believes they had a chance to snatch it but the team’s rhythm was affected by the stoppage.

“I would urge our supporters to support us passionately but not to incur fines for the club and have control over their emotions.

“Whilst we appreciate very much their support which is very much valuable, I think at times it also cost the club in terms of momentum on the field of play and also the fines that come with hooliganism.

“In my opinion the referee did not add a minute more, he played exactly the required amount time and no additional time, probably he was also afraid of the missiles,” he said.

Chigowe said they lost focus in the early stages of the game and it was difficult to bounce back.

“In the early stages of the game, we lost focus, went to sleep and we were duly punished by a hungrier Triangle United team that showed they wanted it more than us.

“When we did come back into the game they were solid, physical and organised . . . I think Triangle overally deserved to go through,” said Chigowe.

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