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3 September 2018

. . . Peter ‘kisses’ fan at birthday

. . . it was for fun, unavoidable

Musician Peter Moyo said the woman he is seen kissing in a video leaked to H-Metro is not his girlfriend but just a fan.

Peter, who celebrated his 29th birthday last week, was hosted by his female fans in Harare.

Pictures and video clips leaked to H-Metro show Peter going cosy with one of the female fans while others were cheering on.

In the video, the ‘cheerleaders’ were singing one of Peter’s songs, Kurera Haisi Nyore, which addresses family issues.

They sang, “musha uya wakura, huya uone” a message which can be interpreted that the two are an item.

Peter, however, says there is nothing much to read into the video saying they were just having fun on his birthday.

He said the woman in question was not even his girlfriend but just a fan who took the obligation of sharing the birthday cake.

“She’s not my girlfriend, she is a fan just like the others in the video,” he said.

“It’s actually me who first released that video. Maybe the person who gave you got it from me. I leaked it because I knew it was not an issue. Is it?” questioned Peter.

“It was on my birthday and maybe she just decided to take that role, obviously someone else’s role, however, for fun,” said Peter.

In the video, Peter and the woman are seen hugging tightly, sharing a cake with their mouths.

The Mira Newako singer insisted it was just a video which could not be avoided.

Peter said those who frequent his shows know some of the women in the video.

And indeed some were part of his full house at East Point on Saturday.

Peter defied odds attracting a full house the same day the country ‘s so called top musicians were sharing the stage at Alex Sports Club.

The Utakataka Express leader proved he is his own ‘giant’.

“I am happy to attract a full house on the night a number of musicians were sharing the stage. It gives us confidence that we have our own following, a good following,” he said.

Peter dared local showbiz giants by performing few kilometres from other gurus in the capital.

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