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6 June 2018

MUSICIAN and fashion addict Juwela real name Edlyn Mapuranga said right now she is not thinking about marriage.

In an interview with H-Metro the star said for now she wanted to make sure that her clothing line which she recently launched is known internationally at the same time doing music as well.

“I am not thinking about settling down at the moment; I have just launched my clothing line DIVA AFRIQUE so I want to focus on it so that it expands,” said the 26-year-old.

Juwela has been in the music industry for some time and one would wonder what made her look elsewhere.

“I left Zimbabwe for almost a year so when I came back there was a craze about African print material and I quickly fell in love with the concept.

“That time it was mostly used by the elderly for church or functions but I wanted the material to appeal more to the younger generation. I teamed up with my friend Nyasha Chatadza and together we gave birth to DIVA AFRIQUE,” she said.


Below are excerpts from the interview;

Tell us about your fashion taste?

I am a very daring woman. I am very bold and confident and wherever I go I like to make a statement.


Are you going to leave music?

I am still an artist; well I have been in the music industry since 2009 but because of school commitments I only started to be more serious in 2014. Since the beginning of this year I have released four singles and a music video. I have also collaborated with Ninja Lipsy, Lady B and Faceless and my next single drops next week on Friday.

How are you going to balance the two?

It’s been tough, the business demands a lot of my attention and so does the music but I have managed to sneak a session when I can. I have managed to mix music and college before so I’m sure this will not be a problem.

What do you prefer if you were to choose one?

Honestly I wouldn’t trade the two for anything, infact I would add more to the plate. Why confine myself when there are endless possibilities in the world?

Which of the two earns you more?

Diva Afrique has given back more than the music despite having being in the music industry longer that the fashion business. A sad fact.

How hard is it for women to be in such professions?

Well I haven’t been able to network much with other ladies in the business so I will speak for myself and partner. It is not hard at all we face the same challenges like any other business in the country.

Besides music and fashion, what else do you do?

Well I have a degree in media and society studies so I am a freelance advertising consultant. I help some companies with brand visibility and have been doing that for four years. I recently picked an interest in voice overs and have done a couple of those for some of the biggest companies in the country. Hoping to grow in this sector too.

I have seen most of your videos, do people judge you because of your dressing?

I have been judged a lot, our country has very judgmental people. The responses on my YouTube pages will shock you and the most disappointing part of it all is that the majority are female just like me. People do not understand that when I hold the microphone I become Juwela and she is an entertainer and very much different with Edlyn.

I have also been called names but that does not stop me, my family understood me from the start and I know it is a matter of time before Zimbabwe does too.

Have you dated a guy who didn’t like what you do?

I have not met anyone who told me to stop what I do but they usually leave kana vakurirwa and blame it on something else.

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