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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

A CHRISTONBANK man blames laziness and rues being involved in criminal activities that got him arrested.

Shepherd Madzivanzira, 40, who was convicted of two counts of armed robbery, said he still remains hopeful to be reunited with his family once released from prison.

Inmates are trained on how make detergents at Harare Central Prison

He opened up during the tour of Harare Central Prison on Tuesday where he was among inmates being trained to manufacture detergents, Centurian Empire Manufacturers.


“I know that one day I will be released from this correctional facility but one thing for certain is that nothing beats freedom.


“At this complex, we are restricted a lot and life is not that rosy and I urge young people to desist from crime because it doesn’t pay at all.


“It’s either you wrote in jail or you lose your freedom if you don’t behave,” he said.


Madzivanzira, whose said his three accomplices have since been released on medical grounds, said he was learning a lot from correctional officers.

“Here we are learning quite a lot because the prison officers teaches us a lot of life skills to be self-sufficient.


“As you can see, we are now being taught to manufacture detergents and this is the best thing to have ever happen in our lives,” said Madzivanzira.

He vowed to change once he is released from prison.


“Once I leave this place, I want to be a better and changed person who can do something in his life which is crime free.


“It’s sad that I found myself here and I am ready to change once released and do something better in life,” he said.


Asked how he got himself in prison, he added:


“I was convicted of two cases of armed robbery and the one I vividly remember occurred in Mt Pleasant where we robbed US$7000, R3000 and 400Euro at gun-point.


“We shared the loot equally but one of the suspects was arrested in town when he was searched by the detectives and implicated us.


“It’s dad that some of my peers have since been released on medical grounds and I am still around serving this term.


“If all go according to plan, I will be released in 2023 it is my wish that I am going to be reunited with my family.


“I have been praying for that to happen and hopefully will be able to be reunited with my family.”

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