Nothing beats networking: Mangwenya

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Nothing beats networking: Mangwenya Mangwenya (right) with artistes


Trust Khosa recently in Marondera

Spiritualist and mbira player Diana “Mangwenya”Samkange reckons marginilised artists desperately need networking.

The mother of two, who also doubles as a farmer, said this after ‘interfacing’ with upcoming artists who received food hampers on Easter Monday.

Pengaudzoke co-founder Josphat Somanje was the only household name among the beneficiaries sourced by the Zimbabwe Music Promoters Association.


The association was represented by MacTen Promotions boss MacDonald Kachingwe and Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza while Mangwenya and Sarah Dee are some of the Harare based divas who graced the event.


In an interview with H-Metro, Mangwenya urged artists in marginalised communities to unite.


“I’m proud of the promoters’ association who made this huge sacrifice we are seeing today but nothing beats networking in life.


“Artists need to form clusters and interact at district level up to national level so that when their air their grievances they speak with one voice.


“When artists are united, it’s easy for people  and donors to reach out to them because they will be speaking with one voice  and not as a disjointed unity,” she said.


Mangwenya said she was also touched by the plight of Somanje who is turning into destitution.


“It’s unfortunate that our legends are now reduced to paupers but we need them all the time.


“In his case, mukoma Somanje lost his source of income and it remains to be seen if he will bounce back.


“We are happy that he was come out and share his experience and this is the kind of help we need at the moment,” she said.


She however urged artistes from the seven genres to have a fallback plan.


“I have always maintained that we need artists who think outside the box by investing in other projects to supplement their earnings.


“It’s dangerous when an artist does not have any other source of income because sometimes donors or well-wishers don’t come every day.


“It’s just by God’s grace that the nine artists we saw here went home smiling after getting food hampers but there are others who missed this opportunity.


“In short, artists need to think outside the box and do other things for their livelihood,” she added.


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