Arron Nyamayaro

THE United Kingdom-based man says there is nothing wrong in taking his niece as his wife.

Stan Jacha wants to marry his niece, Charity Ngundu, but this has created divisions within their family.

Charity told H-Metro that she saw nothing wrong in getting married to her uncle.

She said marriages involving relatives were not new within their family.

“You should be aware that the relationship between us — Stan ndisekuru so, in our culture, it is permissible. 

Handisi mwana to him. 

Kumhuri kwana Stan kunotove nemudzimai akaroorwa nemwana watete vake.

“That relationship is not permissible in our culture so that is why it is still a family secret.

“As for me and Stan, we informed our elders that we had found love and vakagara matare and the outcome was chekaukama. 

“This is normal in our culture,” said Charity.

Charity Ngundu

Stan concurred with Charity’s statement that the two were going ahead with their marriage as planned.

“I didn’t want this story published, that is why I refused to give my side of the story when you called me for a comment.

“However, I spoke to Charity and am confirming that what she has texted you, are the absolute facts,” said Stan.

Stan and Charity’s decision to marry each other has divided their families.

Charity’s beauty won Stan’s heart when he was looking at some photographs captured at a funeral which she had attended.

Stan went on to enquire about Charity and learnt that she was his niece.

He proposed love and his intention to take her as his wife.

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