Nox celebrates song’s YouTube milestone

Maria Chiguvari

MUSICIAN Nox Guni is celebrating a milestone after his hit song Unobvuma Here, featuring Freeman HKD and Tyfan Guni, clocked five million views on YouTube recently.

The video premièred on YouTube on November 10, 2021.

He feels it’s the best video he has done.

Nox thanked fans for the ‘five million milestone.’

“I am grateful for the five million views, this is my biggest video ever.”

Top artists like Jah Prayzah now talk of getting five million views within months.

But, even though it took him about two years to reach this milestone, it’s still a BIG deal for Nox.

The music scene has changed over the years and musicians like Holy Ten are now trending with the release of their new and popular music.

They have generated a lot of appeal among music fans and overshadowed many established musicians who are now being forced to work even harder to make an impression.

Holy Ten’s song, Ucharamba Uchipisa, featuring Michael Magz, reached 1.5 million views within two months on YouTube.

Competition is fierce on those streets and those who have to make it know they have to produce products which fit expectations from the fans.

Knox has been in the business for some time now and has had his ups and downs, including recent brushes with the law and controversy in Ireland.

But, what is very clear is that he isn’t giving up soon.

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