Nox doubles performance fee

16 Oct, 2020 - 10:10 0 Views
Nox doubles performance fee Nox


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

South Africa based musician,Nox Guni,said he has doubled his performance fee figures following the success of his new single titled “My Melody.”

The single produced by Master KG of the hit song “Jerusalem” is making waves in South Africa and Zimbabwe.


The high budget video to the song has also passed the one million mark and is also playing on big music TV channels like Trace Africa.


Speaking ahead of his second show set for Innocent Pub this Sunday courtesy of Mbare Boys he said:


“The lockdown has been a blessing for me,i had the opportunity of working with on of the biggest producers right now and managed to come out with a hit song.

“The song is doing well,more than i expected really.


“It has broke through to various nationalities and i am really excited about this.


“I have also invested a lot in my brand,my public relations,image and the likes and with success of my new single this has made me to double my performance fee,”said Nox.


He added:


“I am having my second show this Sunday since we got to level one.


“Thanks to Mbare Boys they are the onrs behind the show.


“My first show was at Club Africa in Benoni last week and it was a full house.


“It really felt great performing in front of such a huge crowd after quite a while.


“Its a good feeling to be performing again.”

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