Nox speaks industry struggles

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Nox speaks industry struggles


3 October 2017


…proclaims himself Africa’s best

CONTROVERSIAL musician Enock “Nox” Guni has acknowledged that he has declined in the music industry.

The musician said he was struggling to crossover to a bigger audience outside the country hence he lay low.

Nox told H-Metro that the process of becoming recognised regionally took a long time and he had to change a lot of things.

“I had been trying to cross-over into different markets, I knew it would be difficult and major changes had to be made.

“My new album is filled with experiments, I had a vision of what I needed to achieve and the mixtures that needed to be done.

“I titled the album Africa’s best, it is self explanatory, I stand out as an artiste, not to brag but I am Africa’s best,” he said.

The star’s 10th album is expected to redeem his spot on the chats and Nox said that he has been doing things differently, embracing social media as a marketing tool.

Africa’s best carries 12 tracks and is said to have taken three years to put together.

“I put my all on that album, I am especially proud of the Ed Sheeran remake I did.

“If I am forced to put my music into a genre it would be Afro Pop but I like to call it African Urban Contemporary.

“On the album I collaborated with my brother on the first track, Freeman and Dice who is signed with Chocolate City,” Nox told H-Metro.

Nox launched an interactive website that he says he has direct access to.

The site, noxgunimusic.com, enables him to receive and respond to messages from his fans, free music listening platform for his tracks and updates on future projects.


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