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Kimberley Majange, Entertainment Reporter

…’I want public apology’

Zim dancehall chanter Joel “Jay C” Chitate says he will only forgive the South Africa based artiste Enock “Nox” Guni if he publicly apologises in the press.


Jay C, who lost his ex-girlfriend to Nox, said he was riled by the Ndinonyara singer who went on to compose a song making false claims against him.

“Nox lied to the fans publicly making false claims against me through his song Waimutambisa and went on to publish false allegations against me in the newspaper and now the fans are confused as to who is wrong and who is not.

“Most of the fans think that I was the one was who was wrong due to the false claims that were made by Nox,”  he said.

Jay C

Jay C urged Nox to swallow his pride and do the right thing.

“Now Nox is coming to my inbox apologising but I’m only willing to resolve our differences if he comes out in public where he made false claims about me both in the newspaper and in his song Waimutambisa.

“So Nox should go back to the newspaper and admit that he was wrong

“Nox ngaapedzese nyaya yake kwaakazvitangira and not to come to my inbox, he should go back to the newspaper and tell the fans why he had to lie.

““Nox is lying we have not resolved anything as of yet and all that he is saying is not true they are just all lies.

“We did not have such kind of conversation at all, he has to tell people the truth

“Nox ndiye akuedza kugadzirisa zvinhu,” said Jay C.

The South Africa based Nox had posted on social media that the two had managed to sort out their differences and also told H-Metro that he had managed to iron up his differences with Jay C.

“We just spoke out as adults and we figured out that we are actually better than this. It’s better to be united because our industry is way too small to split our fans,” he said.

The vocalist said he negatively commented on Jay C song titled She Thought due to anger issues.

“I don’t have a problem with Jay C’s song as he had assumed that I wrote the song Waimutambisa dissing  him and  that is why he composed the song She Thought responding to it.

“It is obvious that when people are in disagreement, it’s just something you probably speak out of anger without thinking and that is why I deleted the comment I made on social media that Jay C’s song is boring.

“However we are grownups and we have managed to speak as adults and we been cool for a while now and we are going to keep it that way.

“We going to maintain the relationship by just separating our private lives from our work relationship.

“I think we are now ok,” said Nox.

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