NRSL mourns Mtukudzi

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NRSL mourns Mtukudzi


25 January 2019

Raphael Phiri

MUSIC is an instrumental art in human life that knows no boundaries, changes lives and unites nations and the football fraternity is no exception to the musical effects from time immemorial.

The late icon Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi’s music touched many in the sports sector and united the football fraternity too even after 90 crazy minutes of high tempers, heated arguments and in worst scenarios fights.

But after all was said and done, a nice calm time listening to Tuku music would sooth away all the pain in defeat and unite football people once again regardless of colour, religion and social background.

H-Metro caught up with some of football personalities from the Northern Region Soccer League (NRSL) who had this to say about Tuku’s death:

Willard Manyengavana (NRSL chairman)

Willard Manyengavana

“It’s a great loss to the nation. In fact, it’s not only entertainment that has lost but even us in football. After soccer people still want to be entertained by his music so we lost someone special. It’s a really great loss.

“He is one person who is irreplaceable. There won’t be another Mtukudzi like him so it’s really a great loss to us in football and even as a whole country. We are so sad indeed by his death.”

Innocent Benza (Herentals Football Club director)

“We are extremely saddened. We want to send our deepest condolences to the family, the wife, the children and everyone in the band. We also share the grief with the whole nation because he was a megastar.

“We share something with Oliver Mtukudzi. We know that he was grooming young talent and as Herentals family we also in that particular field of trying to groom young talent so we extremely saddened that our friend with almost a similar mission but in different fields is gone.”

Innocent Benza

 Nesbert Saruchera (SCUZ vice chairman and Cranborne Bullets coach)

“We were shocked as the football fraternity. Football and music are inseparable. He was an icon of music and in football we are not going to be the same without that old man. One munhu anoimba zvakarongeka. He was an icon.”

Arthur Tutani (Chegutu Pirates coach)

Arthur Tutani

“We have been robbed of a legend, a hero, a friend, a brother and a role model but anyway God has ruled who can deny? May the Holy Spirit comfort the Mtukudzi family and the entire nation. MHSRIP.”

Raphael Phiri (ex-Eiffel Flats and Golden Valley)

“It’s hard, we have lost a hero. These are the people who united people through singing; their music was powerful at any given time. I knew of Tuku in my playing days and I never got to pay to watch Tuku’s shows. I would just get free entry so I’m deeply saddened by his death.”


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