Nude pics in hubby’s phone

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Nude pics in hubby’s phone


8 August 2018

The marriage of a Marlborough couple is on the verge of collapse after the wife reportedly found nude pictures in her husband’s cellphone.

Sources close to the family revealed that Marcia Mutodzaniso is not in talking terms with her husband Phillip Pasurai after she confronted him over nude pictures of one Melody Muchemwa which were in Phillip’s phone.

“Marcia is always crying every day because of how her husband has been treating her.

“She recently stumbled upon pictures of a semi naked woman who stays closer to his house in Phillip’s phone.

“When she asked her husband about the pictures, he distanced himself from her and he has also not been coming home.

“What is now bothering her much more is that Melody is calling her insulting and mocking her when she is the one who is destroying her marriage,” said the source.

When contacted for comment, Marcia confirmed she was having challenges in her marriage.

She, however, chose not to give more details over what was happening.

“Yes things are not well in my marriage but telling you about it will not bring any solutions.

“Whatever is happening between us is something that I am praying to get over,” she said.

Contacted for comment, Phillip could neither confirm nor deny the allegation and was quick to accuse the reporter of invading his privacy.

“Those pictures you are talking about have nothing to do with you and I believe you are working with people who are meant to tarnish my image.

“How did you get to know of such sensitive information about my life,” he asked.

Melody also decided to remain mum after she was contacted over the allegations.

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