Nutty O intensifies war against drugs

Tambirai Maruta

AFRO dancehall chanter, Nutty O, is working with upcoming rappers to intensify the war against drug and substance abuse.

Nutty has vowed to use his influence to help young artists to desist from taking drugs and illicit substances.

He is working with upcoming rapper, Dough Major, as part of the team in the war against drug abuse.

“Obviously, you should not engage, indulge or get involved in the act of abusing any drugs or substances that tamper with your physical and mental wellbeing because your health is your wealth.

“Drug and substance abuse does not only take a toll on your health but on your future as well because it robs you of your opportunity of becoming successful and being a leader of tomorrow.

“Young people should know that your existence is dependent on your health and, for that reason, I discourage the abuse of drugs by the youth and everyone else in Zimbabwe,” said Nutty O.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Dough Major, who urged young artists to be role models.

“As artists, we need to be more informative, meaning that we need to educate the youths about how drug and substance abuse negatively affects you in the present and in the long run.

“This can be done via various platforms such as concerts, shows and adverts.

“Furthermore, I think artists need to preach about abstinence from drug misuse in their music so that those young fans and followers who idolise them will take heed of the advice.

“One of the major push factors that leads to drug abuse is boredom and idleness and, as artists, our role is to engage young people in activities such as album launches and shows to keep them busy and off the streets,” said Dough.

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