Nutty on Etana’s upcoming album

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Nutty on Etana’s upcoming album


29 January 2018

Dancehall artiste, Nutty O, has been confirmed as the only singer to feature on Jamaican star, Etana’s upcoming album.

Nutty O who engaged Etana last year on Do It Alone, feels honoured to be working with an artiste he idolised growing up.

“We all aspire to be involved with international artistes and considering Etana’s talent, working with her it gives me power and it signifies my future in the industry.

“I feel great because I am a fan of her music and it was one of my primary moves to be involved with her musically.

“It’s been a learning curve that shows that good music finds its way through without the hype and manipulation.

“Being part of her project gives me satisfaction, if she can reckon my art it means I’m going the right way,” Nutty O told H-Metro.

The young artiste’s manager Byron Kabaira said it was last year’s project that opened doors for the current project, No Money, No love.

He noted that it was a matter of compatibility that brought about the invitation and Ability Extension is taking Zimbabwean music where it’s supposed to be.

“Among many other signs this explicitly shows how the elite music society is ready to embrace our home-grown talent like Nutty O.

“This is a huge milestone and big game-changer for his career; Etana characteristically does not do features especially on albums thus Nutty O being the only feature on this album.

“Etana will launch this album while on her ‘Love over Everything ‘ tour of the USA, that alone shall raise Nutty O’s visibility on the global scale.

“This should be an opportunity to partner with other renowned international artists as we continue to distil the Nutty O and ABX brands towards world class perfection,” Kabaira said.


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