Nyabinde says Oliver Mtukudzi was more than family friend

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Nyabinde says Oliver Mtukudzi was more than family friend Bob Nyabinde


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

BOB Nyabinde says the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi was more than a family friend who offered them help for free.

The 66-year-old crooner said Tuku offered to assist his son Agga to become a musician and mentored him at Pakare Paye.


“To us who knew Tuku well, I can safely say that he was a nice person who did a lot for my family.


“At one point when I was still a headmaster in Zhombe during examination time, Tuku offered me free transport to travel to Gweru to get an exam paper that was missing.


“He drove me all the way to Gweru and those kind of people are non-existent,” said Nyabinde on the sidelines of Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi’s belated 69th birthday celebration.


He said Tuku played a hand in Agga’s career during his formative years.


“My son got his first bicycle from Tuku who also took him on board and offered to help him.


“He was a naughty boy who used to break things but Tuku who later nicknamed him Disaster had a lot of patience with him.


“I was happy that he mastered guitars at a young age owing to his influence and mentorship.


“When I look at my children, I am happy because they all play instruments very well,” he said.


Nyabinde urged Daisy to remain a strong woman after losing her husband.


“I would like to urge Mai Mtukudzi to remain a hard worker she is and continue safeguarding the legacy.


“I no it’s hard for her to be running business here without her husband but what she needs now is our love and support.


“We need to be there for her like what we used to do when Tuku was still alive. Tuku’s absence should not be felt,” he added.

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