Nyagura delays trial

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Nyagura delays trial Levi Nyagura


30 October 2018

Levi Nyagura

The trial of former University of Zimbabwe Chancellor Levi Nyagura failed to kick off yesterday after he sought a further postponement to another date as his lawyer was engaged at the Constitutional Court.

The matter failed to kick off once again after Nyagura through his lawyer Adovate Sylvetser Hashiti made an application for further postponement on grounds that the matter that was supposed to be heard at the Constitutional Court last Friday was postponed to yesterday before Chief Justice Malaba.

Nyagura on his last remand date made an application for referral of the matter to the Concourt citing infringement of constitutional rights to a fair trial.

In his application, Nyagura argued that representatives of the State, Tapiwa Godzi and Michael Chakandida from the Presidential Special Anti-Corruption Unit, had no authority to prosecute.

Tapiwa Godzi responded for the State opposing the application arguing that the application was just another case of deliberate delaying tactics on the part of the defence.

“The State wonders when the matter is going to kick off because the matter that is before the con court doesn’t have anything to do with this case, we are also wondering why Hashiti double booked himself knowing well that he was supposed to commence trial today.

“Nyagura’s right to be heard is being violated by his defence counsel,” said Godzi.

Presiding magistrate Lazini Ncube remanded the matter today for ruling.

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