Nyandoro’s trial resumes on May 23

The trial for businessman Ronald Nyandoro who is facing allegations of stealing a motor vehicle will continue on May 23.
A second witness  Lance Malloch Brown is expected to testify.
In the previous sitting the complainant, John Landon stormed out of the courtroom midway through Kirk Woest’s testimony after he exposed him sending police to his house.

The first State’s witness Woest told the court that he believed Landon was attacking him through Zacc for telling the truth of what transpired in the deal.

Woest told the court that he believes Mr James Landon who is the complainant was punishing him for revealing what transpired during the vehicle deal.

He said so far he has lost two cars which were taken by Zacc who are claiming that their papers were not in good shape.

It was also heard that West said he once spoke to Nyandoro and Landon and they both agreed that the vehicle was for sale.


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