Nyathi working hard during lockdown

07 May, 2020 - 12:05 0 Views
Nyathi working hard during lockdown Albert Nyathi


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

Veteran dub-poet Albert Nyathi says he has featured in more than seven songs during this induced lockdown period.

Nyathi told this publication that  he was in the studio most of the time h with different artistes educating people about Covid-19.

“I have spent much of my time in the studios recording several songs about the dangers of coronavirus.

“I have been trying to educate people about the pandemic which has affected everyone in the whole world.

“It’s not easy to spend time home doing nothing and I utilised the opportunity to benefit others though i am locked at my house,” he said.

Nyathi also told this publication that due to covid-9 fears he had to cancel international tours.

“We lost a lot and I was supposed to perform in South Africa, Switzerland, United States of America  and United Kingdom but to the pandemic they are all cancelled for the benefit of everyone.

“Coronavirus is very real and we need to exercise caution to avoid the spread of the pandemic which is claiming lives of many,” he said.

Some of the artistes who collaborated with Nyathi include Ras Caleb, Dereck Mpofu, Bekezela, Pauline Gundidza, Lwazi Tshabangu, Fatima Katiji, Joseph the Great, Young Saxophonist, Fuzzy and Mono among others.

Meanwhile, he is writing poems and singing songs making people aware of the coronavirus.

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