Nyau dancer stabbed in tummy

Arron Nyamayaro

A TAFARA Nyau dancer is battling for his life at a local hospital after he was stabbed with an Okapi knife.

Nobert Chiyangwa, 42, stands accused of attempted murder for stabbing Peter Hwezha, a Nyau dancer, in the stomach.

Nobert was being assaulted by a group of Nyau dancers when he stabbed one of them.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, said the incident took place at Matongo Shopping Centre in Mabvuku.

“Police arrested one suspect in connection with attempted murder,” said Insp Chakanza.

“Circumstances were that the complainant was at a certain house with his group members practicing Chinyawu dance (zvigure).

“The accused approached the group and asked them why they were playing zvigure in the area and asked them to leave.

“A misunderstanding arose and the group members started to assault the accused.

“The accused drew an okapi knife from his pocket and stabbed the complainant thrice in the stomach.

“The complainant fell down and the accused ran away from the scene.

“Members of the group and the general public gave chase to the accused and managed to apprehend and assault him,” said Insp Chakanza.

Nobert, who sustained serious injuries, was arrested and taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital under police guard.

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