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OCEAN MUSHURE DUMPS WIFE Ocean Mushure and Audrey


9 May 2018


Ocean Mushure and Audrey

DYNAMOS captain, Ocean Mushure, abandoned his pregnant wife to cohabit with a new girl-friend in Westlea.

Mushure’s wife Audrey Meda, who was last week blessed with a baby boy named after the Dynamos Star, has also accused him of neglecting the welfare of his five-year-old daughter with the first wife.

Narrating her ordeal, Audrey said she was failing to make ends meet as Mushure was now squandering his earnings with his new girlfriend, Patricia Pande.

“I started noticing some changes on Mushure when he came back from the COSAFA tournament when he started coming home late and even sleeping out,” said Audrey.

“I would find empty bottles of broncleer cough syrup and mbanje in his car but he said that stuff belonged to his friends not him.

“There was even a time yaakamborwirwa  nevasikana vemuroad medu.

“I think mari yanga yamuwandira and when I asked him the reason why he said he will be out with his friends. This continued until he decided to move out last year in December.

“He took some of his clothes and he only comes here once in a while.”

Audrey, who has two kids with Mushure aged five years and a week old son, said she was struggling to fend for the family alone.

“Our daughter is doing grade one at Haig Park Primary in Mabelreign, she needs food and money for busfare but tinotoita zvekunetsana na Ocean kuti atumire mari.

“There was a time when I was in hospital and there were some complications during my pregnancy and that’s when he came to see me once but I was later discharged.

“After that day, he only comes back home for a few minutes.”

She added:

“Things have become so difficult that I even contacted his coach Lloyd Mutasa so that he could talk to him.

“I also talked to the club’s chairman so that he could intervene because some of the people Mushure owes some money are now giving me problems,” she said.

Contacted for comment, Mushure confirmed having abandoned his wife to cohabit with Patricia who is now eight months pregnant for the star.

“We broke up with Audrey and I am now staying in Westlea with Patricia.

“Though we broke up, I am doing my responsibilities as a father by  taking care of my children and making sure that I cater for everything they want.

“That’s why I am fighting kuti mari dzangu dzibude kuDynamos kuitira kuti ndichengete mhuri iyoyo,” he said.

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