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8 May 2018

DYNAMOS captain Ocean Mushure needs help but it seems no one from the club has fully committed to rescue the player from his financial and marital problems.

Although the player is yet to open up fully on his problems, which were almost spilling to the training ground before he resorted to isolate himself, H-Metro can confirm the player is on a destructive path.

Fears are the Dynamos captain, one of the most talented players of his generation, will struggle to be himself on the pitch unless he receives counselling and financial help.

After the 2-1 defeat to Harare City, Dynamos coach Lloyd Mutasa came close to confirm the demons troubling his captain.

“I think last week Ocean had a headache problem. He skipped three training days.

“This week he had some family issues, he never turned up hence his exclusion,” Mutasa said, without adding much.

Yesterday the player was not responding to calls.

Early in the season, Mushure had tried to make sure Dynamos pay what they owe to him from last season before he could start training with the team. It is something that could have helped him resolved some of his issues.

At that time, it was estimated that the club owed him more than US$16 000 and he had offered to start training if they had given him at least half the amount as revealed by H-Metro.

Eventually, he started training with the club before they had fully settled the matter.

His problems has been piling up and now he has failed to avail himself to save his coach Mutasa at his time of need – during the three-match ultimatum.

Mushure’s absence and lack of form, critics say, has also contributed to the club’s terrible run so far.

For the record, without Mushure’s goals and assists last season, Dynamos could have finished the season mid-table last year.

Those close to the player say his family problems and some debt issues has left him in a mess.

“He is facing challenges at a time when the technical team is also under immense pressure.

“The management is also under pressure and no one has really tried to fully commit to Ocean and try to help him with his issues.

“Under no circumstances should someone be missing training just because they have relationship issues that have gone out of hand or anything related to that, like debt. Most players have such issues but they find a way out,” said an insider that requested anonymity.

Another source within the club said the player, who is lacking a peace of mind, could have resorted to staying away from training as a result of one of the concerned parties that was now looking for him at training.

“It is something embarrassing when you have such issues following you at training and we are not surprised he has resorted to staying away most of the times.

“But we think if someone can sit down with him, they will then understand the real challenges he is facing and help him resolve them. If he can be helped financially and then receive councelling, it will be a good basis.

“He is the captain of the team and he cannot lead the team if he has problems that he is also failing to resolve. He is a good guy to everyone and we think at this time, the club must try to help,” said a teammate.

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