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20 April 2016

IT is said sex and drugs are big business world over, Zimbabwe included.
That notion may be true as far as monetary gains are concerned but there are many things that are far more important than money.

Life is unarguably the most important thing to any human being and no amount of money or any form of wealth can compensate for loss of life.

It is therefore prudent to never engage in an activity that risks your life, no matter how well-paying it is while you practice it.

The other important thing in life is freedom. It is better to be a poor man who is free than to be rich and incarcerated.

Any activity therefore, that has the potential of sending you to jail, should never be contemplated. It is foolery to live in a world where options are unlimited and infinite and then decide to choose the ones that are illegal.

Many published stories have highlighted some of the many strange things associated with sex work and drug abuse in the country.

The truth is sex work does not pay, no matter how one looks at it.

Sex workers are constantly failing to pay rentals but more than the financial challenges, there are also social, moral and health risks associated with prostitution.

It is a sad, unfortunate and folly idea to consider prostitution as a career.

Prostitution is leading to the spread of STIs and HIV/AIDS and it is shocking for someone to stick to this so-called oldest profession.

Hookers have many stories to justify prostitution like how they use the money to fend for their children or to take care of their ailing parents or just to make ends meet.

But at the expense of what? One’s life? One’s dignity?

Respect in society and one’s dignity is priceless and should never be traded for anything.

Most sex workers are considered social misfits and fail to belong in society.

It is not easy for prostitutes to easily come back into society and gain the respect of people who once despised them so anyone who might want to think of commercial sex work as an option is better forewarned about such things.

Because Zimbabwe is largely a Christian nation, we are all born with certain principles and morals that we are taught to uphold.

Even sex workers have a conscience that tells them that what they are doing is wrong.

They know what society expects of them, they know how society despises their actions and they know that every time they are sleeping with a married man, they are contributing towards either towards the spread of HIV or the collapse of a marriage and a woman like them will suffer.

Drugs are the same, they land you in jail.

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