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13 April 2016
YESTERDAY we had a story headlined “Cheating cops exposed” in which two married police officers were allegedly having an affair which was exposed when their WhatsApp conversations were discovered by the female cop.

Adulterous people who have – to use the common clichés associated with cheaters – been caught red handed or found themselves stuck in love triangles, are very common in the media.

What is unique about these cheats is the fact that they are supposed to be the custodians of the law.

But, whether one is a cop or not, there is simply no excuse for cheating on one’s marriage mate.

That most of the parties exposed for adultery in the media often unremorsefully confirm cheating is sad and shameful.

There is simply no acceptable reason to commit adultery or fornication.

People have been very ill-behaved in our society when it comes to staying true to their marriage vows.

Women, not that this makes their adultery any better, are often reactionary adulterers.

They often fall into the sin after they and their children have been neglected by their husbands or they have an abusive husband who is not only violent but also fails to cater for his family’s needs.

However, the fact that women are pushed into adultery does not make their extramarital affair any less grievous as sins.

Having an affair with someone’s husband or wife should be a crime, especially if the person is married under Chapter 5:11.

While men have been blamed for not sticking to their marriage vows and having affairs that destroy their relationship, it should be noted that they need a female to commit this sin.

So both parties must be blamed for the collapse of the marriage unless the married party lies about their marital status.

However beating up adulterers like many people have resorted to doing when they catch lovers red handed can have tragic consequences and the public must desist from meting what they term instant justice or mob justice on adulterers as they will also be committing a crime.

Let the law take its course.

The situation that occurred recently when women gathered up to assault and indecently humiliate and expose a woman cheating with the husband to one of them should never be tolerated.

While the women were only fined US$50 after committing such crimes, the law may be sterner if such crimes persist.

It is always good to report people that one finds cheating with their marriage mates to the police so that the law will take its course.

Trying to play both victim and judge can easily land one in jail and the public has to be warned. Furthermore, assaulting your husband’s girlfriend for cheating does not stop the husband from having other girlfriends.

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